The Best Products on ProductHunt: Top Picks and Runner-Ups

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Key Takeaways

  • Innovation Dominance: AI and no-code products are leading the charge in innovation.
  • Productivity Focus: Apps that enhance productivity are winning across several categories.
  • Creative Solutions: Design tools and creative platforms are increasingly becoming more user-friendly and powerful.
  • Community and Collaboration: Products that emphasize community building and collaboration are seeing significant engagement.
  • Diverse Offerings: The range of products from personal health to Web3 indicates a diverse interest and advancement in multiple tech sectors.

Top Picks and Runner-Ups

Discover the innovative and game-changing products that have made a splash on ProductHunt. Here’s a curated list of the winners and runner-ups across various categories that have captivated users with their unique offerings.

Overall Winner

  • ChatGPT: Revolutionizing conversation with optimized language models.

Overall Runner-Ups

  • Notion AI (Alpha): Your innovative partner in thought.
  • Dall-E-2: Creating lifelike images from textual descriptions.
  • BeReal: Authentic and real social connections with friends.


  • All-new Spark: Rethinking email with focus and intelligence.
  • Obsidian Canvas: Visualize ideas on an infinite canvas.
  • Folk: A CRM that reinvents team collaboration.
  • Amie: A productivity app that adds joy to your tasks.

AI Category

  • ChatGPT: A leader in conversational AI.
  • Midjourney: Transforming text prompts into stunning AI-generated images.
  • Notion AI (Alpha): Re-imagining the future of productivity.
  • Dall-E-2: AI that interprets and visualizes your imagination.

Design Tools

  • Canva Visual Worksuite: Revolutionizing document and web work.
  • Framer Sites: Accelerate your website design process.
  • Xnapper: Capture and share beautiful screenshots instantly.
  • Spline Beta: Collaborative 3D design made simple.


  • LeadDelta 2.0: A professional LinkedIn CRM for individuals and teams.
  • Sessions 2.0: Videoconferencing with a ‘wow’ factor.
  • Bardeen: Automate tasks with a single click.
  • Arcade 2.0: Showcase your products with ease.

Best Designed

  • Amie: A delightful approach to productivity.
  • Cron for iOS: Bringing the power of Cron Calendar to your phone.
  • Endel × James Blake: Wind Down: Unplug and sleep better.
  • SigmaOS 1.0: A browser that mirrors your thought process.

Bootstrapped & Crowdfunded

  • ruttl: Get visual feedback on webpages, PDFs, and images effortlessly.
  • Reflect: Fast, interconnected note-taking.
  • Motionity: Motion graphics editing for everyone.
  • Pika: A color picker for macOS that’s both free and open-source.

Community & Social

  • Developer news curated by and for developers.
  • BeReal: Experience friendship in its truest form.
  • Peerlist: A professional network with a focus on robust work profiles.
  • Chptr: Cherish memories of loved ones in a dedicated space.

Creator Economy

  • Polywork: Explore and find collaborative opportunities.
  • EarlyBird: Test and validate your ideas with quick landing pages.
  • Butter for Mobile: Smooth collaborative sessions on the move.
  • Bio Link: A lightning-fast personal bio link.

Data & Analytics

  • June 2.0: Analytics tailored for product-led growth.
  • Equals: Spreadsheets reimagined with SQL data connections.
  • Google Trends Supercharged: Amplify the power of Google Trends.
  • Datapad 2.0: Carry your KPIs wherever you go.

Developer Tools

  • Appwrite: An open-source Firebase alternative.
  • Warp: A modern terminal designed for the future.
  • Fig: Bring autocomplete magic to your terminal.
  • DhiWise 2.0: Turn your Figma designs into code swiftly.


  • Medusa: A robust Shopify alternative that’s open-source.
  • Toolsy: SEO and inspiration for Etsy sellers.
  • Jotform Store Builder: Launch an online store without coding.
  • Sleek Pay: Simplify checkouts across various stores.


  • Refocus: Retraining platform for an AI-driven world.
  • Continuum: Earn crypto and NFTs through learning.
  • Uteach: Launch your teaching business in minutes.
  • Maven: Reimagined education with live expert courses.


  • Causal: Redefining business planning for modern teams.
  • Fuelfinance: Your cloud-based financial department.
  • Uprise: Free financial life optimization.
  • Multis: Banking solutions for the Web3 era.

Health & Fitness

  • Endel × James Blake: Wind Down: The key to better sleep.
  • Experience nature’s soundscapes.
  • Fitmint: Stay fit and earn rewards.
  • Level Supermind: Achieve a superior mental state.

Marketing & Sales

  • RADAAR: More than just a scheduling tool.
  • CleanShot X: Screen capturing for Mac, redefined.
  • Hexomatic: Scalable automation for the web.
  • Notion for Web Creators: Notion’s commitment to creators.


  • Endel × James Blake: Wind Down: Transform your state of mind with music.
  • Denise AI: Your virtual songwriting partner.
  • Ampled: Direct support for the artists you love.
  • Mubert: Personalized music generated by AI.

No Code

  • Pory 3.0: Websites and apps without coding.
  • Mail Mascot: Your email marketing sidekick.
  • Jotform Apps: Turn your Jotform data into a custom app.
  • Softr 2.0: The no-code platform that’s powerful yet simple.

Privacy & Security

  • Hide It: Protect your privacy with hidden desktop icons.
  • Neeva: Search the web privately and ad-free.
  • Passkey: A new era of passwordless sign-ins.
  • Mailfence: Secure and private email service.

Remote Work

  • Twist: Mindful team communication for remote teams.
  • Gather: Virtual offices for connecting and collaborating.
  • SoapBox: Remote meetings with an edge.
  • Yac: The audio messaging tool for teams.

These products represent the pinnacle of innovation and user satisfaction on ProductHunt. From productivity enhancers to educational tools, they have been handpicked for their exceptional performance and potential to make a significant impact on users’ lives.

Top FAQs

Q: What criteria are used for selecting winners on ProductHunt? A: Winners are typically selected based on their innovation, design, user feedback, and overall impact on their respective industry.

Q: How can I submit my product to ProductHunt? A: You can submit your product by creating a maker account on ProductHunt and following the submission guidelines provided on their platform.

Q: Are there any fees associated with featuring a product on ProductHunt? A: Standard product submissions to ProductHunt are usually free, but there may be promotional packages available for additional visibility.

Q: How often are the best products on ProductHunt updated? A: ProductHunt updates its featured list daily, but annual or monthly best-of compilations are common as well.

Q: Can users influence the selection of winning products on ProductHunt? A: Yes, user votes and comments can influence the visibility and success of products featured on ProductHunt.

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