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Alternative AI Tools to Where Filmed

  • Bringing people and businesses together Discover a professional, safe way to engage & build vibrant communities. Control and manage your very own social media space

  • DevPod is built on the devcontainer.json standard to create reproducible dev environments. It lets you spin up dev environments in any infra, kind of like a :star: Terraform but for dev environments. :star:

  • Felt makes it easy for anyone to create and share maps that tell a story — from campsite directions to shifts in climate. For the dozens of industries that rely on maps to get work done, Felt is the first user-friendly, collaborative tool built for teamwork.

  • Lightning Builder is a FREE browser-based drag-and-drop website design tool that helps you create professional website mockups in minutes. Easily create & download stunning web page mockups using a library of over 300 professional designed website components.

  • CYANITE visualizes emotions in music. ▶︎ Want to see what your music feels like? ▶︎ Can’t decide which song fits perfectly for your video? ▶︎ Don’t know where to find the most powerful part of a song? Try out for free and help us with your feedback ☺️ 🔥

  • A list of 100+ projects that may be useful for you to use as sources for your open-source contributions