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Alternative AI Tools to Unreal Chemist

  • Mest is a wallet tracker with accounting, analytics and personalized insights. Effortlessly manage your crypto exchanges and wallets while analyzing transaction costs to track profits, losses, and tax reports. Leverage AI to streamline the process.

  • KuFlow is a developer-oriented workflow engine, on which to design and execute business processes. An orchestrator of tasks, both human and automated, built by developers for developers.

  • Leverage AI to empower qualitative research, transforming the way businesses conduct remote interviews. With the ability to conduct hundreds of interviews overnight, we invite you to experience the future of market research.

  • Super designer is a collections of simple design tools to create unique designs in a a few clicks. Generate unique backgrounds, patterns, shapes, colors & images for social media, websites, apps and more.

  • Become an Instagram influencer with stunning visuals for your stories with just a few taps. Combine your unique eye for style with Surf gorgeous design templates and watch your social media or business take off!

  • Free social media tools to boost your online presence.