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Alternative AI Tools to Thunderbird 115 Supernova

  • Ansible Labs is the team behind Ansible Beam, a payments platform to bring everyday users into web3. We are a team of passionate payments professionals with the mission of removing the friction between web3 wallets and traditional bank accounts to foster the next wave of crypto adoption.

  • Elevate your IoT journey with Mqtizer, the ultimate mobile MQTT client for Industry 4.0, offering real-time data monitoring, collaboration, and seamless MQTT management. Stay connected with ease on your mobile device. 🌐📱

  • Cofertility is in the “family” business, striving to make egg freezing and third-party reproduction more human-centered and accessible for all. Our Freeze by Co program allows you to freeze your eggs for free when you give half to a family who can't conceive.

  • Reviewly is an AI-powered platform that automates the process of collecting and responding to Google reviews, boosting online visibility and building customer confidence with authentic, positive feedback. Reviewly sends recent customers that have left positive feedback up to three AI drafted review options to help them leave a review. They simply choose, edit, and post helping increase the number of reviews on Google. Reviewly can also white-labeled for agencies to sell reputation management.

  • With TEAMCAL AI, you can do internal and external team meetings in one click! Schedule Follow-up Meetings Schedule Meetings with your Teams Block time in your calendar You will need a free/paid license to Webex and an account with TEAMCAL AI to use the App.

  • Lingoo is an AI powered translation service for small businesses, developers, and websites. We allow you to import your GitHub repo then just select which json files you want to translate. Our built-in CI/CD system triggers for every code change.