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Alternative AI Tools to The Happiness Bar Gratitude Journal '22

  • Transform the way your company integrates data, decisions, and operations. MachEye helps users answer “what, why, and how” scenarios. All decision-makers can get actionable insights through a “Google-like” search and “YouTube-like” audio-visual experience

  • Not all business ideas are ready for the public consumption, but with some more time in the oven they might be! Half Baked Business Ideas is a source of inspiration for anyone who needs it (and if you have some ideas of your own please post some!). The design was heavily inspired by 🙏

  • Use this black screen to save power, find dead pixels, display any message, or even clean your screen better if needed.

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  • Photos are the element that draws the user's attention the most. They are often without filters, appropriate colors, or poor quality so I created this filter generator and some useful tips on how to edit photos.

  • Dive deep into the AI bubble to bring you the juiciest news, mind-blowing breakthroughs, and the hottest tech trends. No fluff, just the freshest bytes to keep you ahead in this crazy tech rollercoaster.