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Alternative AI Tools to Tability For Notion

  • Complete website monitoring: from multiple locations, broken links & mixed content detection & advanced ssl certificate reporting.

  • Recraft is an infinite AI artboard, where you can generate and edit vector art, icons, 3d images and illustrations in a wide range of styles suitable for websites, print and marketing. It is free for everyone, and allows commercial use of the generated images.

  • Why search from just one website when you could search from many? And what if you could target your search by category too? These are the questions that led me to make Search Aggregate, the all-in-one searching tool.

  • This comprehensive collection of 10,000 Side Project Ideas prompts bundle will allow you to tap into your creativity and generate new side project ideas without getting stuck.

  • Swipe cards on different topics and then get matches based on values, humor, and so on. I've attached an example. Thanks in advance for your support and I hope you’ll find some cool people out there. ❤️ Take a break from zoom or home office and check it out 🤗

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