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Alternative AI Tools to SimplyTrends

  • Using Canal, Ashton Kutcher and the Sound Ventures team curated their favorite Father’s Day gifts. Through Canal’s curated brand network, the Father’s Day Pop Up spun up with 100 products across 20+ brands, without needing to hold any inventory.

  • Context switches kill your productivity. Ever feel frustrated that you got nothing done today, but don't know why? ⠀ We help you track and eliminate the three main blockers of flow: 😖 Context switches ⏱ Short work sessions 🛌 Bad sleep/exercise habits

  • KushScan: The ultimate weed strain identifier app! Snap a photo of your dry kush, and it reveals strain type, THC potency, and Sativa/Indica ratio. Save results to your Scan History and explore strain details. Plus, now share your scans in Feed!

  • Edit your photos like a pro photographer in a few taps. Get over 50 curated collections of 350+ Lightroom presets and that’s not a limit because you’ll get a new preset daily in PRSTS Feed, and collections weekly.

  • CodeSpeedy is a simple tool to manage your code snippet and sync to your Visual Studio Code immediately.

  • Shopboxo is a free to use e-commerce store builder that lets anyone launch a store in minutes using customisable templates. It is code-free and has payments and delivery integrations in the Philippines.