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Alternative AI Tools to Semplice UI Kit

  • Calculate your carbon footprint based on your purchase history and understand where you stand. Choose a project or technology you believe in. See your money become part of the solution with a monthly offset to eliminate your calculated carbon footprint.

  • We made a simple 3D site to showcase our products. Enjoy :)

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  • CodeSpeedy is a simple tool to manage your code snippet and sync to your Visual Studio Code immediately.

  • Postcard is the easiest way to make a personal website. In 5 minutes, you can create a page that looks great on any device - with no coding or design skills required. Host it on your domain, and build a long-term mailing list.

  • The design of tOndO keyboard allows you to write quickly and without errors. Thanks to its QWERTY-like layout you will know right away where all the letters are. Its 6 round buttons allows you to write precisely even without looking