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Alternative AI Tools to SaaS Agreement Toolkit - By Common Paper

  • Are you passionate about sustainability and want a job that aligns with your values? Look no further than We connect you with thousands of green jobs worldwide, with a special focus on opportunities in Europe.

  • We made a simple 3D site to showcase our products. Enjoy :)

  • OneLine is a reading aid for the web that increases your focus and reading efficiency by highlighting a single row of words. Users have control over the color of the line and can move it through the page with the arrow keys as they read.

  • We build & manage powerful, digital workspaces that inspire your team, produce better client results, and scale your business — all for a simple, fixed monthly rate.

  • Formfunction is the 1/1 Solana NFT marketplace, designed for independent artists and creators. We're building the tools, platform, and community to help creators make a living with NFTs, without the negative environmental impact.

  • Nooble is a social audio community app! (Reddit for Audio) Join audio communities across - tech, crypto, startups, investing, news discussions etc. and consume audio shorts! Create by simply answering a question received from your friends/network.