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Alternative AI Tools to Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin

  • Frontender adds a junior developer to your team, instantly. Select anything in Figma and let Frontender write clean, front-end code for you. Try it today with 15 free conversions a month.

  • Mailmeteor is the #1 emailing platform for Gmail. Trusted by million of users worldwide, Mailmeteor is the best email service to send personalized mass emails with Gmail. Track your results in real time and follow up easily to get more replies.

  • A website that plays instrumental music for you. If you struggle with finding a peaceful environment, this website is made for you, just plug your headphone and hit the play button.

  • Make reading PDFs easy! With our web app, you can chat with any PDF like you're texting a friend. No need to search long documents - just ask and get answers.

  • Quordata is an investment research app that uses AI to help people make informed investment decisions. Through a search query, Quordata consolidates & analyzes public company information to provide users with actionable insights within 30 seconds of reading.

  • The best startups are bought not sold. helps startups find buyers. Simple as that. We’ll help you start conversations that lead to an acquisition. Free. Private. No middlemen.