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Alternative AI Tools to MyBrandgen

  • Million of people hold cryptocurrency, from today with Kryptoney you can accept their payments on your website. Even if you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, Kryptoney can convert the payments in your native currency.

  • Felt makes it easy for anyone to create and share maps that tell a story — from campsite directions to shifts in climate. For the dozens of industries that rely on maps to get work done, Felt is the first user-friendly, collaborative tool built for teamwork.

  • Built in Notion, Fuelance solves the main freelancer pain points of a) finding clients, b) managing projects & c) spending too much time on admin. Its a swiss army knife to build profitable freelance businesses with! Use “CLAWS20” for 20% off (exclusive to PH)

  • Covercraft harnesses the power of GPT-4 to create highly tailored cover letters in under 1 minute whilst significantly increasing your chances to land an interview.

  • No signup, No Credits, No App to download. Completely anonymous and Pre-loaded with 100s of personas. Way more interactive and fun to get ChatGPT to get your stuff done.

  • You are fire knight in a PIXELVERSE world. You go to forest and facing monster to earn $DANGER token. PLAY TO EARN GAME. * demo*