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Alternative AI Tools to Lyft Parking

  • 🚀⚡ With, get your personalized brand names, logos, slogans, marketing content, business ideas and more generated in seconds. No more spending thousands of dollars and countless hours. Your branding kit delivered in seconds! ⚡🚀

  • is a little indie site that lets you have your own place to write stuff (you can even add custom scripts and css styling to your site) Your posts can be formatted with markdown and you get to see view stats. Every site gets its own RSS feed too :)

  • An open-source Gitbook project to help you better understand why Bitcoin exists and how it works, through a curation of videos, articles, and essays from experts in the field.

  • Social web layer with CMS and social network. Web collaboration layer connected to a web app that’s like a combo of DropBox to save and organize your findings, and Twitter-like follows and Reddit-like groups to share and discover bite-size article highlights.

  • makes careers in tech more accessible by turning brands into universities. We partnered with Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, & Skillshare to match real job description skills to the industry’s top courses. Learn through the curriculum of your dream job.

  • The best startups are bought not sold. helps startups find buyers. Simple as that. We’ll help you start conversations that lead to an acquisition. Free. Private. No middlemen.