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Alternative AI Tools to LinkedIn GPT Pro

  • Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to MailGPT - the AI-powered email writing tool for Gmail. With its high level of accuracy, you can not only generate clear and concise email replies but also can compose impeccable, polished, grammatically correct personal/ professional emails in seconds.

  • ChatGPT Summary Assistant helps you process the content of web pages. With customizable prompts function, it can adapt to a variety of scenarios, such as summarizing post content or writing an attractive headline. The only limit is your imagination.

  • Evidence is an open source, code-based business intelligence tool. It enables analysts to build automated reports by writing SQL and markdown, instead of using a drag and drop interface, like you’d find in a traditional BI tool.

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  • Arvin 2.0, a freemium Chrome extension, provides an AI writing co-pilot. Get automatic YouTube video and article summaries, and generate social media posts and email responses. Arvin 2.0 helps you read, write and create faster and smarter across the web.

  • Google Scholar is an extensive search engine designed to help researchers access academic and scientific literature. With millions of articles, books, theses, and abstracts from various disciplines, this platform allows users to find relevant materials with ease. As one of the most widely used search engines for scholarly research, Google Scholar provides a comprehensive and reliable source of information to those who are pursuing knowledge in their respective fields.

  • Ghosts are an intangible, yet powerful force that transcends the boundaries of life and death. GPT-3 can offer insight into how this phenomenon affects us as we experience grief and mourning. This essay will explore these concepts in greater detail, drawing on examples from literature and personal experience to illustrate the complex dynamic between ghosts, grief, and the human spirit.

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