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Alternative AI Tools to Knock CLI

  • monoca 2 helps you manage items around you, anywhere, anytime. With monoca 2 you can keep track of anything from every day items, your beloved collections, wishlists, and more. As well as share them with your friends.

  • NFT p2p barter platform. Swap ERC721/ERC20 directly to other ERC721/ERC20 tokens. Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Testnets.

  • Master the art of data-driven insights with ChartGPT, your dependable resource for generating charts and answering data-centric questions. Let the bot be your personal data assistant, guiding you through your data exploration.​

  • Trained on 200+ years of shark attack and marine weather data, create 7 day attack risk forecasts at any beach. Assess your risk before entering the water. This is great for surfers, local authorities and beachgoers.

  • The Twitter ranking algorithm is now open source. But if you don't know how to code it's hard to make sense of it. Use this visual tool to find out if your tweet will perform well.

  • Marqly lets you save, customize and manage all your bookmarks and highlighted texts online like a breeze.