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Alternative AI Tools to Idiomics

  • Keeping a budget book is often a tiresome task... But with Marie it will be easier than ever!

  • is the platform for creators to take back control of their community with exclusive memberships, courses, events, and more – all in one and all for free. Start your community today!

  • Friends poke you to record nocam videos. Reveal who poked you after you reply!

  • Perfect Fit: A game of precision and timing. Move the paddles to select your gap size, and drop the cube. It's simple to play, yet challenging to master. Can you get a Perfect Fit? Dive in and take the ultimate challenge now!

  • More effectively manage your life as a Student with Notion.

  • Tide is a React-based rich text editor with out-of-the-box functionality, strong extensibility, and comprehensive support for Markdown syntax.