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Alternative AI Tools to GAIM.AI Desktop App

  • Never lose a family recipe again. Turn old, impossible-to-read family recipe cards into an online family cookbook that you can use for generations to come.

  • Therapy costs hundreds of dollars per hour. Many people feel shy to reveal their personal secrets to another human. Therapists are often over-booked and busy. Meet Lily, a friendly conversational AI that talks to you in real-time. Fully free.

  • EARLY connects data across sleep, exercise, nutrition, emotional health, and more to give you a holistic view of your health. It features a supportive and encouraging community where you can reflect on your progress, get AI recommendations, and connect with others on their journey to living healthier lives.

  • Quordata is an investment research app that uses AI to help people make informed investment decisions. Through a search query, Quordata consolidates & analyzes public company information to provide users with actionable insights within 30 seconds of reading.

  • We are thrilled to announce CrowdKit, a new kind of software platform designed to help businesses like AirBnBs, restaurants, hotels, and cafes share amenities and blend digital engagements with in-person experiences using promotions, contests, and messaging.

  • Answeryou is a content creating platform where users can simply create more engaging and functional one page contents with videos, audios, images, file attachments, text as well as buttons.