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Alternative AI Tools to Fake It Till You Make It

  • Using Canal, Ashton Kutcher and the Sound Ventures team curated their favorite Father’s Day gifts. Through Canal’s curated brand network, the Father’s Day Pop Up spun up with 100 products across 20+ brands, without needing to hold any inventory.

  • Revolutionizing SEC Document Analysis 🚀 Built by LlamaIndex ( ) SEC Insights uses the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) capabilities of LlamaIndex to answer questions about SEC 10-K & 10-Q documents. This project has been open-sourced on Github so you can kickstart your own RAG projects!

  • Connect brands with social media influencers for ads & promotion

  • Gleap is the visual customer communication and triage platform for web and mobile apps. Gather feedback with video action replays, screenshot bug reports, and in-app feature requests, ratings, and surveys. Review, prioritize, and respond in one gleeful place!

  • A platform where users can easily search for nodejs packages and take a glance at details without leaving the page. One-click copy option for popular package managers like npm, yarn and pnpm.

  • HyperComply is the fastest and most accurate way to send and respond to security questionnaires. Procurement teams can send and track questionnaires for free and Sales teams can respond to questionnaires in 1 day, guaranteed.