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Alternative AI Tools to Ditosell

  • Opertivo is a complete business management platform that allows users to track and manage their clients, expenses, invoices, tasks, and more in one easy-to-use tool. Our mission is to make managing your business easier, more efficient, and more scalable.

  • Stryde is a workout planner for iOS that aims to let you plan any workout you can think of! To start off, add your exercises. After that you can build your sessions, customising things like rest periods and supersets, then get going!

  • We've created a place for dads to feel recognized, supported and to explore positive change in their #dadlife. Join a community of dads, with on-demand parenting experts and self-coaching guides for all stages of fatherhood.

  • Felt makes it easy for anyone to create and share maps that tell a story — from campsite directions to shifts in climate. For the dozens of industries that rely on maps to get work done, Felt is the first user-friendly, collaborative tool built for teamwork.

  • We made a simple 3D site to showcase our products. Enjoy :)

  • Can you guess the secret words based on the image you generate? You'll generate an AI image with a 4-part prompt, but each day 2 of the words in your prompt will be hidden. There's 12 days until Christmas, come play the 12 days of AI!