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Alternative AI Tools to Debunkd

  • PodStash is a tool that turns any web link into a short podcast episode. It uses a Chrome extension to 'stash' web links, then uses AI and specialized LLM prompts to generate a summarized podcast script. The episode is recorded with a lifelike voiceover and can be accessed on any podcast platform that supports custom RSS URLs. Users can also earn $7 for each referral.

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  • - Your AI Social Media Sidekick - is an AI-powered content creation tool designed to enhance the social media strategy of small teams, content creators, and social media marketers. With its Facebook integration, it enables the creation of self-optimized content that caters specifically to the preferences of your audience. By leveraging extensive social media agency expertise, generates a 30-day social media content calendar complete with engaging visuals, tailored captions, and targeted hashtags, all customized to reflect your brand and audience.

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  • FoxyApps platform allows businesses to grow by utilizing AI-powered lead magnet apps. Users can browse hundreds of apps from 10+ categories, or create their own app using the no-code builder. The platform also enables users to embed any app to their website, and automatically outreach to people who used the app with a personalized message.

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  • Finito is an AI-powered tool that allows users to transform their text using natural language processing. It can correct grammar, improve writing, generate ideas, translate languages and answer questions. It can also be personalized with user-defined commands and shortcuts.

  • CapeChat is an AI tool developed by Cape Privacy that allows users to keep their sensitive data private while using the ChatGPT API. It automatically encrypts documents and redacts any confidential information, ensuring privacy and security.<br/> Powered by the ChatGPT API, CapeChat provides users with access to a powerful language model without compromising data confidentiality. By leveraging the Cape API, users can effectively utilize CapeChat for their specific needs.<br/> CapeChat offers features such as OCR, summarization, and voice capabilities, enabling users to interact with their confidential documents in a secure manner.<br/> The tool also includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) feature, which allows users to establish a confidential relationship to prevent unauthorized disclosure of proprietary or sensitive information.<br/> Users can define confidential information and set exclusions, ensuring that only approved parties have access to specific data. Cape Privacy's secure enclaves play a crucial role in protecting user data.<br/> These enclaves provide a secure compute environment for building apps and safeguarding intellectual property. With robust encryption and data destruction processes after processing, user data remains protected throughout the entire workflow.<br/> The secure enclaves are isolated compute environments with no storage, networking, or shell access, ensuring maximum privacy and security. Cape Privacy has gained recognition in the industry, featuring in Gartner's AI Trust, Risk & Security Management (TRISM) Market Guide, 451 Group's Encryption-In-Use Report, and Matt Turck's MAD Landscape.<br/> The tool's capabilities and focus on data privacy make it a valuable asset for organizations that prioritize security.

  • Clyde is an incredibly innovative and functional bot designed specifically for Discord users. Powered by ChatGPT OpenAI, Clyde is aimed at facilitating social interactions between friends on the platform.