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Alternative AI Tools to Daygraph

  • Make your cloud storage beautiful. Playbook declutters, auto-tags, and intelligently organizes your creative work. Seamlessly browse, collaborate on, and share what you need with friends, colleagues, clients—or the whole world!

  • You don't know SQL. Aside from basic CRUD statements, you haven't used any advanced database features. This free ebook will share many easy-to-copy recipes to make development faster by using a lot of stuff you probably never heard of.

  • Sprig is a user insights platform that empowers product teams to build exceptional products. Sprig’s suite of insights tools, including Surveys, Replays, Prototype Tests and GPT-Powered AI Analysis, helps companies improve the product experience with user insights delivered quickly. Trusted by next-generation product teams like Dropbox, Robinhood, Notion, and Loom and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, First Round Capital, and Figma Ventures.

  • Project Gamify: An interactive gamification system for seamless project and task management, fostering collaboration and enjoyment for individuals and teams alike.

  • Capture every customer pain point in single, centralised hub - connecting 50+ sources and integrating directly with Slack. Spot bugs, identify trends and uncover feedback insights you didn't even know existed.

  • Nevermined helps you tokengate your assets with time-based conditions in only a few clicks. Link your web service based AI agent, set the payment conditions and we'll generate a smart subscription that your users can use to access your AI or data right away.