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Alternative AI Tools to CoBlossom

  • Cold Mail is a powerful cold email platform that companies connect with their prospective customers and partners through personalized and automated email sequences. Send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get more responses.

  • ensemble is a mobile app that helps you discover music by sharing one a day with friends. every day, everyone is notified to share their song of the day with friends, listen to songs shared by others, and give out their single “fire of the day”.

  • ChatWise is like Instagram but where creators & users build equity stake. Majority of company shares are being given away FREE to users to create a democratic organisation. Like Facebook inc. but where community will share founder's equity.

  • The Nuro App was built to help you implement healthy habits that benefit your brain and mind. The app will be completely free, as part of our goal to help democratize healthcare.

  • Fit Learn helps students prepare for exams to: - Get better grades - Validate academic year - Make stunning presentations With the help of AI and the latest scientific research, Fit Learn helps students memorize from 200% to 400% more information to succeed!

  • LTSE Equity enables easy cap table creation and management, transparent ownership tracking for all stockholders, 409A valuations, stock plan management, and powerful round and exit modeling. Companies own and control their data.