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Alternative AI Tools to ChatGPT GUI Prompter

  • Get your next API production ready in minutes. Drag & drop visual flows combined with low-code for maximum flexibility. Directly test in the cloud and minimise the effort to launch your next API project.

  • Did you know you can use gradients for your shadows? This generator makes it easy for you. In a few seconds, you'll be able to test and generate the CSS code for your gradient shadows. Creating modern and beautiful websites is now even easier!

  • An impressive set of design utility tools to measure distance, dimension, position, pick colors, test contrast and align elements, anywhere on your screen.

  • HumanGPT is a social experiment to see what happens if a group of people predict the next word that follows a text.

  • Create amazing landing pages with ready-made blocks and Tailwind, right in your own domain. Prototype your concepts further and test your ideas faster.

  • ⚡ Developers & jobs matched & pre-qualified through 18 filters worldwide. Ditch recruiter calls, job applications, cover letters, time wasting tests & high fees Companies invite anonymized developers to meet or test (with full info upfront). ONE FREE INTRO.