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Alternative AI Tools to Afriex

  • Stylize offers multiple tools that anyone can use to make awesome edits to their photos with multiple state-of-the-art AI models. With Stylize, you can apply styles to your photos, edit images with simple instructions, remove backgrounds, and colorize black and white photographs.

  • Everyday at a random time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes. A new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life.

  • Starting from the origins, we will take you through the origins of Japanese kana and its relationship with kanji, helping you to better understand and distinguish these kana.

  • KuFlow is a developer-oriented workflow engine, on which to design and execute business processes. An orchestrator of tasks, both human and automated, built by developers for developers.

  • Strac SaaS DLP (Data Loss Prevention) & Cloud DLP protects businesses detect and redact PII & sensitive customer data like SSN, drivers license, passport, bank statements, tax docs, medical notes, confidential data, etc. from all communication channels like Email, Slack, Zendesk, Intercom, Google Drive, One Drive, AWS, GCP, Azure, and more. Secure your business and Comply with SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, GDPR as data that is not stored in SaaS and Cloud apps can’t be stolen.

  • Course Architect is an unparalleled course creation system for Notion designed with efficiency to save you hours of time by making your course creation process easier, faster and better.